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Y8 Action: 13 Days in Hell

Y8 Action: 13 Days in HellHave you ever wondered what hell is like? This may not be something that occupies your mind but you have to admit that the thought can be intriguing, particularly if you aren’t too sure if you can get to heaven when you pass on. And what if there was actually a way to survive it? What if you could get out of it? Well, wonder no more. You can experience the whole thing on your web browser (thankfully!) when you play 13 Days in Hell on y8.

For fans of the occult, 13 Days in Hell offers the kind of excitement and gory thrill that you can expect from the action games on y8. By the way, since you stand to get your head chopped off and there’s much shooting and blood involved, this isn’t a game for the faint-of-heart. You’re better off playing Plants vs. Zombies instead, where zombies having their heads cut off by your war freak plants actually look comic more than ghastly. 

13 Days in Hell basically starts with you signing a “13 days challenge pact” that will pit your survival skills against the lost souls of the fiery abyss. In this y8 game, you use your weapons-specifically, five guns, three hand guns, a shot gun and a machine gun-to pass through three levels of difficulty. The more difficult the level is, the more enemies you will have to contend with. There are new guys that are more difficult to kill after every few rounds, so you need to watch out. 

13 Days in Hell, categorized as an action game in y8, rewards great shots, making this a game of skill and accuracy as well. The points you are awarded after every level depends on how much life you have left and your precision in making the shots. You can use the points you have earned to buy ammo so you can defeat the other lost souls and survive your stint in hell.

Some genre lovers feel that the action on 13 Days in Hell can get repetitive after a while but if you’re looking for action with some netherworld flair, you can get that in this y8 game. The graphics and sound effects are also well made, which adds to its surrealism. Final tip: You can go straight to the action by skipping the easy mode since it poses no challenge at all. Your real exploits start at the medium or hard levels. TZURRHQRATDX